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The Steam Team is dedicated in providing professional steam cleaning, tile & grout, and upholstery services to the locals in Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford. We are more than happy to to educate each one of our clients with our cleaning procedures. When you choose the Steam Team, you choose a quality.


The Steam Team guarantees that each job is held to the highest industry standards possible.

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Your family, guests, and pets deserve to live in the cleanest environment possible. In order to create a healthy living-space, homeowners must regularly maintain their carpet, tile & grout, and furniture. 

Without the proper maintenance, your living space can become breeding ground for bacteria, mold, allergens, and dirt – potentially creating long term health issues for you and your loved ones. 

Not only do spills and stains harbor dirt, but appearance matters too. Overtime, these stains can build up to the point where you may consider replacing them. Unfortunately the cost of replacement is incredibly high.

This is why The Steam Team was created in the first place. Our deep cleaning techniques will bring your carpet back to life by pulling out difficult stains and making them FEEL brand new. Our guarantee ensures that you receive the best deep cleaning service in the industry, as our  trained technicians are all honest and hardworking.

If your carpet, tiles, or upholstery needs a touch up – don’t neglect it! 
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Steam Cleaning

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 At The Steam Team, our steam cleaning process involves the best equipment and top of the line products to ensure great results. Our truck mount system is designed to clean out the worst of stains in commercial and residential jobs. With our  unique extraction system combined with high heat, it allows us to create the most effective clean possible. Leave your home to us, and we will leave you and your family with a healthier and drier carpet.

When paired with our steam specialized cleaning technique and quality stain releaser’s, we can make your carpet look brand new.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Professionally steam cleaning your carpet is the only way to ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned from bacteria. It’s the only method that flushes out all dirt, debris, and cleaning solutions from your carpet. Although using dry methods of cleaning (foam included) may allow for faster drying times, it is at the expense of quality. At The Steam Team, we use the highest heat possible to to kill bacteria and mold that has been growing in your carpet.

Every other method of cleaning is bound to leave cleaning solution, residue and even debris behind. This can be extremely detrimental to your upholstery because it can resoil; right after its been cleaned. 

We do not recommend steam cleaning your carpet yourself as you may create more mold and dirt. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will ensure that your carpets do not become home to mold.

Contact The Steam Team for next carpet cleaning in Hamilton and Brantford.

Upholstery Cleaning

Chances are you chose your furniture because you liked it, so why not take care of it?  When going about your day, your upholstery goes through normal wear and tear, just like your favorite shirt or pair of jeans. Just like your favorite pieces of clothes, your upholstery needs to be cleaned. Crumbs and stains are unavoidable which is why regular TLC is needed. If not, your favorite couch or arm chair may need to be replaced.

Let our Steam Team technicians give your furniture a break. Being professional carpet cleaners in Hamilton, we can best service your upholstery to give it a refreshing appearance that extends its lifespan. 

Our deep cleaning method will bring your furniture back to life by removing difficult stains. Our specialized cleaner is gentle enough to prevent upholstery damage, but strong enough to remove difficult spills. 

Cleaner Air
Our process removes 99% of allergens that are commonly found in upholstery which include: dog/cat dander, dust mites, bacteria. This process will decrease the amount of airborne bacteria in your house, which improves the overall quality of air.

Natural & Safe Solutions
When deciding to hire a professional upholstery cleaner in the area, you may be concerned of harmful chemicals and detergents that are in upholstery cleaners. When used, these types of cleaners can leave a sticky residue that can be harmful to those with children or pets. 

Prevent Stains with Upholstery Protectant
When your furniture is being used daily by so many people and animals, stains are inevitable. You may be interested in protecting your upholstery from future stains with a protectant. This will help strengthen the fibers of your upholstery and will help with resisting stains until the next professional cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Hamilton

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Using the latest tools in cleaning technology combined with our years of experience your satisfaction is guaranteed. We apreciate some good old fashion critism because we are always striving for perfection. If there’s something that we’ve missed or if there is something we could improve, simply give us a call. We want you to leave happy!

Tile & Grout

Cleanliness plays an important role in maintaining your property; especially in regards to your tiles. As the months go by, your tiles can look darkened and dirty, decreasing the appearance of your home or property. Grout (which is the lining between the tiles) can build up dirt and residue, which further diminishes your beautiful tiles.

Extend the Lifespan of your Tile & Grout
It is recommended that your tile & grout be professionally cleaned once per year. If not, expect a slow build up of dirt, waste, and bacteria underneath the tiles. This can cause a tile to become loose and will require a repair. Having annual cleanings saves you the cost of the repair, and leaves your floors looking brand spanking new!

Hidden Mold & Mildew
In events where your tile is water damaged, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. This can compromise the quality of air in your property. By hiring professional tile & grout cleaners, they will be able to prevent this from happening.

Unlike other tile cleaners in Hamilton, The Steam Team understands that no two properties are the same. Therefore, we tweak our cleaning methods based on factors like the amount of foot traffic, moisture content, and the material of the tile before working on it. You can rely on our trained technicians to provide the best service by using top of the line buffers, jet cleaners, and steamers to get the job done right.

Day by day, your tiles can become dull and darkened. Make the right call and book your appointment today.

Commercial Cleaning

Let’s face it – no one enjoys working or playing in a dirty environment. In order to focus and work comfortably, your environment needs to be clean. People are generally happier in an area that is sanitized and smells great. Not only that, but a clean environment translates to a healthy environment. 

Prevention of Flu & Diseases
Professional commercial cleanings are needed in order to prevent flu and other sicknesses from spreading around the office. Basic hygiene is important in the workplace. From clean floors, bathrooms, and desks.

The Steam Team is the perfect choice for commercial office cleaning, gyms & recreational facilities,warehouses, and day-cares. You can expect us to perform to the highest cleaning standards possible. Our trained professionals work hard ensuring that no corners are cut, and providing superior janitorial cleanings possible.